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Different views

Look at your bookmarks using the Index, Folder, Timeline and Order By view. If you still can't find that website, there is always Search.

Customizable Home page

Organize your home page with toolbars, website thumbnails, images, RSS Feeds and frequently used folders. Don't like our color theme, just choose another one.

Unique dynamic toolbars

Quickly locate the bookmark you need with our dynamic toolbars, that adjust based on your usage. linkaGoGo provides more then 15 different toolbar types.

Smart bookmarks

Create parameterized bookmarks. For example open your weather website with a zip code, find a book in your library based on an ISBN number.


Create reminders for when you would like to visit a website again. Reminders can be setup daily, weekly, on a specific day or after a certain amount of days. Great for checking back on news, blogs and other (less) frequently updated websites.

Duplicate Finder

With the duplicate finder tool you can quickly find redundant bookmarks and reorganize them.

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